Sunday, September 14, 2014

A Look to the Past in Guanajuato

I was wondering if what they said about Guanajuato was true. When we arrived at the bus station we couldn't actually see more than a few residential developments and a few shopping areas.
Then I thought we had to be far from the actual city of Guanajuato.

Vilou and I found a place through Airbnb and we were waiting for a friend of the owner to pick us up. After waiting for half an hour, Ramiro finally came to the station, and all set we left the bus station for the city.

I can't really remember how long we did from the station as we were chitchatting and the time went by quickly.
And then I could see that what people said about Guanajuato was true. The vehicle approaches a few mountains, but still no signs of the city, one has to see the tunnel as you approach it to feel that you are finally arriving.

once you enter the tunnel you start feeling like your are going to a far different place and that is confirmed when the tunnel is finished and you finally enter the city.
From one instant to another you change from the countryside to this magical town behind the mountains.
Right after you exit the tunnel, you are in this beautiful colonial town with its narrow cobbled streets, old but colorful buildings and little alleys that go up high hills.

Declared a world heritage site by UNESCO, Guanajuato can be with no doubt considered the crown of all colonial towns in Mexico. Thousands of tourists visit the city, and many choose it as their new home (temporarily or permanently). It is internationally known for its Cervantino Festival which brings artists from many countries every year to perform in the city.

After that great welcoming feeling we had, we went to explore and enjoy the city. We stayed there just for a couple of nights, I think staying longer is totally worth it, but again, our itinerary is tight.

Probably the most important highlight of this place is walking around and discover the town by yourself.
Of course, there are some important landmarks that one has to consider when visiting Guanajuato:

-El Pipila: The name is given to a statue on top of a hill. The statue is  man holding a hammer and a writing under saying: There are other buildings to burn. referring to Alhondiga de Granaditas.

-Alhondiga de Granaditas: Historical building which played an important role during the Mexican War of independence.

Mummies Museum: A collection of mummified bodies that were once buried. the region's soil is rich in many minerals and therefore it avoids a total rotting of the bodies.

Also, try the callejoenadas! It consists of a group of people being led by another group of young boys wearing medieval clothes. they take you around the little alleys singing and telling you stories.
To be honest, I think it is definitely worth it for those who understand Spanish, if you don't you can still try if you just wanna relax and walk wth your friends while listening to music.

Also, go and have a look at the Callejon del Beso (Kiss Alley). Legend has it that there were these to balconies so lose to each other that a boy and a girl could kiss stadong on each other's balconies. Of course their families were opposed because she was rich and he was poor, the father of the girl killed his daughter and all that drama and I don't know what happened to the boy haha! A little bit Shakespeare-esque for me.

Finally, just enjoy your yourself, walk around, try the food, sit in the main plaza and see the people walk by in the Cervantes capital of the Americas. Definitely want to come back!
View from El Pipila

Mexican Bride on the Run

Museo de las Momias

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