Monday, October 6, 2014

Weekend get away in Taipei

It has been my third time in the island of Taiwan. I must say even though Taipei is a big city, you can still find a more relaxing atmosphere if you compare the city with Hong Kong.

Even though I came here for medical reasons, I could have the chance to enjoy the city and even take the train to the south and climb the mountain of Maokong to enjoy its stunning views from the tops.

 Taipei City Centre
 View of Taipei from MaoKong
Taipei 101

Take the train towards Taipei Zoo which is the last station and where you are supposed to get off.
after that, take the cable car (called Gondola) and go up the mountain.
It is famous for its teas which you can even taste in ice-creams.

If you are in the city and wanna do something more touristy, then definitely go to Taipei 101, the once tallest building in the world worth for its amazing views.

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