Friday, October 31, 2014

Umbrella Revolution

It has been a month since the so-called Umbrella revolution began on the streets of Hong Kong.
The movement, which calls for full democracy in the this special Chinese region has called the attention of the international media because of the number of protesters that have decided to go to the streets to demand what they said, had been promised by the mainland.

I had the chance to walk the affected streets these days and I must say it is good to experience the atmosphere that can be felt on those streets.
In all the time that I have been living in Hong Kong, this has been the first time that I could see the city being affected by a protest (Protests happen every year, specially on the Tienanmen Square massacre anniversary).

It is hard to say for anyone to say  what will come up from these protests, Although Beijing has been been firm in its position that it won't change its mind and that Hong Kong will get its democracy the Chinese way.

 Causeway Bay

Causeway Bay

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